Simon Zhang
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Industrial and User Experience designer creating intimacy between digital and physical products

Graphic designer and Web developer in the evening

Case Study 0: User Ethnography: Wayfinding in ATL domestic terminal

freestanding directions signage designmobile AR app to help users navigate

ATL’s domestic airport has long had the reputation for congestions. The new $55 million skybridges into the terminal was meant to alleviate this issue, yet no one seems to use them. Why don’t people actively utilize the new skybridges?

Case Study 1: Redesigning a mobile on-demand laundry delivery app

collection of ui screens from mobile apphome screen of mobile app

A Design System and Mobile App for Loopie Laundry's (an on-demand laundry delivery service) customer facing app. Built to extend Loopie's existing brand and streamline the consumer journey map.

Case Study 2: Music Box Toy that Transforms Drawings into Sound

music box toy that uses crayon drawings as inputback of toy that shows where to input paper

A Music making toy that takes marker drawings and turns them into sound so that even young kids aged 6-7 can learn the beginnings of music composition.

simon zhang is a cross-disciplinary designer based in ATL & SEA — netscape-oriented with a post-aero slant. bachelor of science in industrial design from georgia tech. creating intimacy between physical and digital products.

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